Paper+Plastick : Failures' Union In What Way now available for presale

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Today is the day when you can start ordering your copies of Failures' Union's brand new LP "In What Way." We've started a presale in our webstore with a bunch of really awesome options to choose from. Fans of the Buffalo, NY rockers can order the record digitally (with exclusive bonus content), on LP with an instantaneous digital download, in an
LP/T-shirt pack, or bundled with the new Cheap Girls album (My Roaring 20's) for a special low price. The Failures' Union / Cheap Girls package even comes with a special limited edition poster from their ongoing US tour together. Fans of 90's independent rock like the Lemonheads, Guided By Voices, Superchunk and Dinosaur Jr. should be all over this! Check out all of the presale options and reserve your copy HERE! If you're not sold on it yet, you can still stream the entire album at and check out just how excellent this record is.

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