Tony Sly dans music'n'punkès son passage en Europe avec Joey Cape et Jon Snodgrass, Tony Sly a pris le temps de répondre à quelques questions pas forcément très intelligentes de music'n'punk. 

Mnp : i saw on youtube several videos about them from german shows (munchen , munster) . the audiences are amazing (singing and participating with joey and tony) . Do they think that it'll be the same
thing in France?

Tony Sly : It was great in France. A little bit of a listening crowd in France but I think that makes us play better. We played on a boat in Lyon that was a huge fire hazard and we would have all died had it caught fire.

Mnp : Can you say me why the punk frontmen are more 40, they unplug guitars and play acoustic? You need space and liberty or it's something else.

Tony Sly : The vibrations of the distortion make me shit my pants so this is easier on the bowels. Actually it is totally freeing musically because you're not fighting for space within the song.

Mnp :  You are a "Veteran" of american scene punk. to be punk is an attitude, a mentality but now the new american scene punk is really punk or it's only marketting.

Tony Sly : Marketing. Guys that look like Jennifer Anniston and white noise music is considered punk. But I like some of it, that's the weird thing. Punk is still alive, I saw Murray Bowles taking pictures at a skate park show last year, so I think we're still okay.

Mnp : Your band is over or it lives again but it's in hiatus in this moment.

Tony Sly : My band is on the rise! No really, I'm just playing music while No Use gets ready to tour and doing it again. I love music and I love my band too. So we will do it again. The new record, a new world tour.

Merci Tony pour avoir répondu à mes questions. 

*Tony Sly* <>'s solo debut album /*"12 Song Program*/ <>" just released on Fat Wreck Chords last week!
Known as pop-punk legends No Use For A Name <>'s frontman, Tony finally sets out with his soothing and captivating melodies, only guided by an acoustic guitar and a smattering of various other classic instruments.
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