NATIONS AFIRE : New Band (Featuring ex- Rise Against & Ignite)

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This is just the beginning. NATIONS AFIRE, recently formed in 2009, features Chris Chasse (ex- Rise Against, ex-Reach The Sky), Brett Rasmussen (Ignite), Todd Hennig (ex-Death By Stereo), Nik Hill (Ignite), and frontman Steve Ludwig.

Music will be posted soon. The band is currently in the rehearsal and recording studio during January and February working on material. Cds will also be for sale at all upcoming shows.

Nations Afire are very happy to announce that their first confirmed show is the Groezrock Festival in Meerhout , Belgium on April 18, 2009, with great bands like NOFX, Rise Against, The Get Up Kids, H2O and many many more.

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