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Concerts du week-end

05/02 Berri Txarrak+Mon Autre Groupe+dead pop club Paris 05/02 OTAKE + Lunch + The Cheerleaders Montpellier 05/02 SONS OF BUDDHA SALAISE (38) 05/02 Gilbert et Ses Problemes + Fiction Romance + Hors Service Villebois (01) 05/02 the warbs + the attendants...

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People Like You Records : News 2010

Deadline and The Peacocks are hooking you up with new full length studio albums next month. You don’t wanna miss them on Tour, so also check the tour dates! .... While you’re at it, take a look at the new Deadline trailer on our Myspace page. Deadline...

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Concerts du jour

04/02 R.A.V.I, Gravity Slaves, Need A Nurse(BE) et Flying Saucers Industry Lille 04/02 DIRTY FONZY + La Rotule 50s + guest ALBI 04/02 Nine Eleven Caen 04/02 BIRDS IN ROW + Post Offense Paris 04/02 Gilbert et Se Problemes + Fiction Romance Mondragon 04/02...

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