Senses Fail : NEW ALBUM Announced: THE FIRE! October 19 Release Date

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Senses Fail will release their fourth full-length album, The Fire, on October 19, 2010.  The band once again recorded with producer Brian McTernan at his Salad Days studio outside Baltimore, Maryland.

We worked on this record for 8 months and I can say without a doubt that we put every single shred of energy and passion into these songs,” said singer Buddy Nielsen. “The record is a journey and it reflects our experiences over the last two years. I'm so proud of the work we have done and so proud of the job that Brian McTernan did in navigating the process.”

I think one of the reasons people like Senses Fail is because we are honest with ourselves and honest with our music,“ he added. “Our passion and love for what we do is what makes our music feel alive and I don't think we've ever felt more alive.”


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