ONE WIN CHOICE : Studio Update #1

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ONE WIN CHOICE, groupe punk du New Jersey, a publié une studio update et mis en ligne une video sur son passage en studio pour l'enregsitrement de ses nouvelles chansons.

We entered the studio June 21st to lay down the drum tracks. We are doing drums and vocals with Vince Ratti of Zolof and the Rock n' Roll Destroyer at Skylight Studios in Fairless Hills PA. He is such a rad guy who has worked with some awesome bands, and we are more than happy we get to work with him. We spent two and a half days on drums. Listening to click tracks, drinking beers, eating taco bell, food court food, and crashing on Philadelphia apartment floors. Couldn't get much better than that. We rapped up those sessions last Wednesday afternoon, made one last taco bell stop, and came home to Toms River to start setting up our bedrooms for tracking guitars and bass. Deciding to do guitars at home we knew we'd be able to take our time with each track and put down some quality noise for the record.

A week and a half later, the guitars are all finished up and bass is just around the corner, so far so good, and so stoked on how its sounding. We just arranged a short video studio update to give you a better picture on what we have been up to, so check it out if you get a chance!

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