New Hassle Records signing : Attack! Attack!

Publié le par Music'N'Punk wonders Attack! Attack! are the latest addition to the ever increasing Hassle Records roster and we're ecstatic to be releasing their sophomore album 'The Latest Fashion'.


Containing the previous single 'Not Afraid', the album is available on CD or MP3 download and can be bought individually or combined with an acoustic version of the album (available as MP3 downloads from day of release onwards ONLY) and a t-shirt. Both the acoustic version of 'The Latest Fashion' and the t-shirt are EXCLUSIVE to the Hassle Records store and not available anywhere else.

'The Latest Fashion' is released 27/09/10 and is available for pre-order now.


1. Everyone Knows
2. No Excuses
3. My Shoes
4. Blood On My Hands
5. Seen Me Lately
6. Latest Fashion
7. Nemesis
8. Best Mistake
9. We're Not The Enemy
10. Not Afraid
11. No Tomorrow

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