New band on Shield Recordings: After the Fall

Publié le par Music'N'Punk at Shield Recordings are proud to announce our latest signing: After the Fall

After the Fall is a hardcore punk band from Albany NY, USA which plays melodic hardcore punk in the vein of Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere and Kid Dynamite
After the Fall released 2 full length’s a 7 inch and a split 7 inch already.  
If you’ve never heard of them check out After the Fall’s music at
Shield Recordings will do 2 releases from After the Fall. The first release is the European pressing of the Collar City 7 inch. The second is After the Fall’s brand new full length called “Eradiction” (release date oct. 12th, more info soon). 
The release date of After the FallCollar City” 7 inch is July 30th. Collar City is pressed on 3 different colors vinyl (red, grey, and a mixture between red and grey). Collar City is now already available in our webstore:


Upcoming Releases.
After the After the FallCollar City 7 inch we got some more releases planned. As written above Shield Recordings will release the new After the Fall album called “Eradiction” on CD and LP. Next to that we will release the long awaited new Antillectual full length called “Start from Scratch” on CD and LP. And last but not least we’ll be releasing a new CD/LP from The Fake Boys called “Please, don’t go home”. “Please, don’t go home” combines the “Sleepwalk” and “Poppunk is dead” MCD’s pressed on vinyl for the first time. 
More news about these 3 release will be announced in our September update. 

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