Justin Shane : Toronto G20 and a new song

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Justin Sane spent the weekend in Toronto at the G20 demonstrations as well as performing solo acoustic sets at the premiere of the feature length documentary, "Sounds Like A Revolution", in which he and Anti-Flag appear. His weekend inspired a new song which you can find here.


Justin  Shane : I re­cor­ded the fol­lo­wing vi­deo clip af­ter ar­ri­ving back home in Pitts­burgh, Penn­syl­va­nia late in the eve­ning.  I was ex­haus­ted so it’s a lit­tle rough around the edges but I wan­ted to post it as is be­cause the emo­tion of the wee­kend was still buz­zing wi­thin me and re­cor­ding and post­ing un­der such cir­cum­stances was exact­ly the right thing to do.


The film most­ly fo­cuses on the mo­ve­ment of ac­ti­vist mu­si­cians who rose up to speak against and re­sist the cor­rup­tion and cri­mi­nal ac­tions that was the George W. Bush re­gime.  It is the ac­tions of those people and the do­cu­men­ta­rians (Sum­mer and Jane) who made this film who tru­ly ins­pi­red this song.  As I wat­ched the mo­vie I was al­so re­min­ded of the short sigh­ted ba­ck­ward ad­ver­sa­ry which we fa­ced such as “war all the time John Mc­Cain” and “drill ba­by drill Sa­rah Pa­lin” and why it is im­por­tant to conti­nue to stand to­ge­ther to di­rect our world in a sa­fer, more com­pas­sio­nate, more hu­mane path, and op­pose the sel­fish, cor­rupt, cor­po­rate state which the an­ti pro­gres­sives of this world would have us live in.



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