Bridge Nine Skate Zombi Poster & CD Comp Package Only $5

Publié le par Music'N'Punk B9 Store has copies of our new 17 song CD summer sampler bundled with a big 18"x24" full color poster featuring the cover illustration by Tallboy. CD features songs from all of our current bands. Pick it up for $5 HERE !







1. Polar Bear Club, "Living Saints"
2. Ceremony, "Sick"
3. Cruel Hand, "Cruel Hand"
4. Underdog, "Frontside Grind"
5. Crime In Stereo, "Drugwolf"
6. Defeater, "The Red, White and Blues"
7. Agnostic Front, "Victim In Pain"
8. Strike Anywhere, "I'm Your Opposite Number"
9. Ruiner, "Dead Weight"
10. Soul Control, "Cycles"
11. Dead Swans, "Ivy Archway"
12. Death Before Dishonor, "Peace and Quiet"
13. H2O, "Nothing to Prove"
14. Mother of Mercy, "Inside and Out" (courtesy of Six Feet Under)
15. Lemuria, "Pants" (courtesy of Asian Man Records)
16. Foundation, "Pray for Atlanta" (courtesy of Six Feet Under)
17. Energy, "Walk Into the Fire"*

*previously unreleased

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