A Wilhelm Scream : Enregistrement en aout

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A Wilhelm Scream annoncé par l'intermédiaire de son guitariste, Trevor Reilly, que le groupe allait entrer en studio au mois d'aout pour enregistré son nouvel album :


"Actually, Nick and I have already starting frustrating each other, er, I mean, jamming together and it’s just like old times, eh Nick? See writing songs with Nick consists of us both glaring at each other, me telling him his cymbals are too loud, and us taking lots of coffee breaks. That’s all I remember from our sessions, and somehow we write alot of songs together this way. I don’t understand it either, but it works. We start recording in August, and I’m thrilled. I love making full length albums more than anything and I am psyched to see where we go with this new material."


Ce sera le premier album de AWS depuis Carreer Suicide sorti en 2007. Le groupe avait sorti en novembre 2009 un Ep éponyme via Paper + Plastick.

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