Check out the artwork for split with The Sheckies and The Slotcars

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This baby is gonna drop this July at the Goin Knowhere Fest on Knowhere Records of course! This split CD features 5 songs from The Sheckies and 5 from The Slotcars recorded up at The Electric Cave Studios in Portsmouth, NH last October by Jim Tierney and Joe Queer ! Joe even plays lead guitar on 2 of our tracks plus Wimpy Rutherford sings backing vocals on a Slotcars tune. All artwork was done by our pal Justin Melkmann of World War IX , give him a shout if you'd like some artwork done too!


P.S. - For a sneak peak of another track, check out "K, We Love You" over on the Knowhere Records myspace page!
Clambake front cover

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