Justdamnedpunk Podcast episode 91

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L'épisode 91 Justdamnedpunk Podcast est maintenant disponible. Liste et lien due téchargement ci-dessous :

Download directly here: episode 91

  1. Discharge - Decontrol
    From the album: Decontrol The Singles Disc 1
  2. G.B.H. - The Prayer of a Realist
    From the album: City Baby Attacked By Rats
  3. Motorhead - Capricorn
    From the album: Ace Of Spades
  4. Trap Them - Day Twenty Six: Angles Anonymous
    From the album: Seizures In Barren Praise
  5. The Great Deceiver -In The Wake Of Progress
    From the album: Life Is Wasted On The Living
  6. Doomriders - Sirens
    From the album: Black Thunder
  7. Rollins Get In The Van Part 2 – The series continues
  8. Misfits - Horror Business
    From the album: Misfits
  9. Black Flag - Room 13
    From the album: Damaged
  10. Hüsker Dü - Lifeline
    From the Metal Circus ep
  11. Crass - Shaved Women
  12. Crass - Reality Asylum
    Both from the album: Best Before... 1984

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